Security Issues at Apartments

This seems to be a never ending problem right across the board but especially in apartments for rent. Persons will say this is supposed to be a controlled environment so why is security so lacking. There is not enough attention being given to these complexes when it comes to the service of security which is to be supposedly one of the positive things about apartments for rent Portland Oregon. If people can just come and go as they please then the security has defeated its purpose.

One suggestion of control is to provide each tenant with some form of identification that can be easily recognized and must be presented at all times when entering. However, it shouldn’t stop there because each security should possess a valid form of identification that is common to his place of work. Simple methods such as these can prove to be quite effective in lowering the risk of comprising the safety of the tenants as well the other personnel by keeping track of all the persons who enter and leave the premises at any given time.

It should be mandatory that a fully functioning security post is erected at both front and back entrances. Seeing that most complexes that house apartments for rent usually have very high walls, it is more of a possibility that anyone who is seeking to get onto the premises will attempt to pass the security at the back or the front. Communication between these two posts should also be maintained at all times which can save security personnel from leaving their posts to be in dialogue with their colleagues for whatever the reason. Rounds should be also done at scheduled intervals throughout the day to ensure that there are no breaches of the security protocol anywhere on the premises.

Another safety protocol that is mandatory is having each visitor sign a log book after presenting valid identification. He should also state the nature of his visit before allowed on the grounds. The visitor may be coming to see a tenant and in that case the security personnel should have an in-house telephone system place where the tenant can be easily reached to confirm the visit of the person at the gate. If the person is coming to conduct other business, then the necessary steps should be taken before permission to enter the premises is granted. It’s all about safety of the tenants and all other persons on the complex and if implementing these cost effective measures will increase safety, then they should be put into place because there is no such thing as being too careful.

Lastly, as the tenant seeking apartments for rent Portland Oregon you have to also take responsibility for your own safety. Before and after moving in you check your locks and windows for faults. Know where the fire escape is replacing old door and window locks if necessary. In addition, take frequent checks outside and observe the up keep of the grounds. If the pavements are not properly lit, inform the relevant people. Get involved in your own safety.